How to Use Apple Vision Framework via PyObjC for Text Recognition

Let's learn how to make use of Apple's Vision Framework from Python (via PyObjC) to detect and recognize text in images. Along the way, you will learn quite a bit about how to use PyObjC to interface with different Objective C classes, functions and methods.

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Project Write-up: Display Spotify lyrics on external display

I came across a job posting on Upwork where someone was looking for a software that plays the lyrics of a Spotify song on dual screens. I was really intrigued so I decided to give it a go. In this article I am going to talk about the whole thought process I went through while trying to figure out a solution as I think that part is often missing from programming tutorials.

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Extracting WhatsApp messages from an iOS backup

Have you ever been interested in how Apple saves the iOS backup files and how you can extract particular files from a backup? In this article, I will show you the different encryptions involved in creating an iOS backup, how to decrypt the data, and how to extract WhatsApp chats from an iOS backup.

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How to web scrape on Schedule using Github Actions?

I recently got to work on a web scraping project that I deployed on GitHub. The scraper runs daily on a schedule and emails the extracted data all for free using GitHub Actions! In this article, I will show you how I developed this project and how you too can make use of GitHub Actions for free.

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Understanding and Generating a UPC-A barcode using Python

I have always been fascinated with barcodes and QR codes. I theoretically knew how barcodes worked but I wanted to solidify my understanding by making one from scratch. In this article, I will take you on a guided tour of how barcodes work and how we can make one from scratch using Python. I will focus on Universal Product Code type A (UPC-A) for this tutorial.

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How to Prerender React Apps Using Prerender

I am currently working on a React based app and had to implement prerendering for SEO purposes. In this post, I will show you complete steps for running the prerender.io service on your own server and serve it via NGINX. This will help you improve your app's SEO.

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Setting up & Deploying JWT based auth using Flask & React

I recently had to implement JWT based auth in a React and Flask based web app. In this post, I will show you how to implement login functionality step by step and deploy the resulting web app using NGINX and Gunicorn. We will be using flask-praetorian for JWT token generation.

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Using Python to Post Stories on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to post stories on Instagram in an automated fashion? In this article, I will show you how to use Python and the Instagram-API-python library to do exactly that. Fasten your seatbelts and let's get started!

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Alpha Version of Practical Python Projects Book Released!

I just released the alpha version of my much anticipated Practical Python Projects book! It has been two years in the making and I am super excited about its release. In 320+ pages we will implement 12 different projects. I wish I had access to a similar book when I started learning Python.

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Working With Messy Data Using Pandas in Python

Have you ever had to process some messy data? I recently worked on a project where I had to tame some messy data using Pandas in Python. In this short tutorial, I will teach you some data wrangling basics that will help you process most datasets you will ever encounter in the wild.

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Understanding and Decoding a JPEG Image using Python

We all use JPEG images every day and almost every software supports JPEG but most of us don't know how the JPEG compression algorithm works under-the-hood. Come with me on an adventure where we uncover and understand the JPEG algorithm and then write some Python code to decode a JPEG image.

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9 Tips For Better Scripting Experience

Learn about some general scripting tips that will help you level up your scripting game. I learned them the hard-way but you don't have to.

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Python mind-teaser: Make the function return True

I came across this teaser on Reddit. It took me some time to figure out the solution. Look at the question and see if you can figure it out on your own before looking at my detailed writeup.

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Setting up dev environment for SciPy

Someone recently reached out and asked me how to setup a dev environment for SciPy. Read this article to find out how.

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Speeding up Python code using multithreading

Oftentimes people complain about Python being slow without realizing that there are simple solutions to their problems. Learn about how to leverage multiprocessing in Python and speed up some of your scripts by 10x or more.

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Running Python in the Browser

I wasn't aware about the different solutions for running Python in the browser so I invited Shaun from Anvil to give us a run-down of what is available out there.

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