The Bite Python Newsletter is now official

Hi there guys! If you have been following my recent posts then you might know that I have started a newsletter. This newsletter covers everything related to Python which I come across every week. 

It was just a part time project. I used to send emails without any schedule. Now I have decided to give it the focus and energy which it demands. For that I have made a schedule. The newsletter will be sent out every Sunday if everything goes well. This makes it a weekly newsletter. It even has it’s own homepage now! I suggest you to signup for the newsletter as it would allow you to stay upto-date with the happenings in the Python community.

Do you want to check out our recent issue? Here you go. If you have any questions regarding the newsletter and the information it will cover then just comment below and I would be happy to answer!

P.S: We even have our own Facebook page.



If you liked what you read then I am sure you will enjoy a newsletter of the content I create. I send it out every other month. It contains new stuff that I make, links I find interesting on the web, and occasional discount coupons for my book. Join the 5000+ other people who receive my newsletter:

I send out the newsletter once every other month. No spam, I promise + you can unsubscribe at anytime

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