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How to Prerender React Apps Using Prerender

I am currently working on a React based app and had to implement prerendering for SEO purposes. In this post, I will show you complete steps for running the service on your own server and serve it via NGINX. This will help you improve your app's SEO.

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Setting up & Deploying JWT based auth using Flask & React

I recently had to implement JWT based auth in a React and Flask based web app. In this post, I will show you how to implement login functionality step by step and deploy the resulting web app using NGINX and Gunicorn. We will be using flask-praetorian for JWT token generation.

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Using Python to Post Stories on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to post stories on Instagram in an automated fashion? In this article, I will show you how to use Python and the Instagram-API-python library to do exactly that. Fasten your seatbelts and let's get started!

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How to Listen to Trunked Police Radio (Video 2020)

If you are bummed to find out that your local PD and FD have moved to a digital or trunked mode then you aren't alone. In this post, I will show you how to use a cheap RTL-SDR dongle and the SDRTrunk software to snoop the trunked radio traffic in your area.

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Alpha Version of Practical Python Projects Book Released!

I just released the alpha version of my much anticipated Practical Python Projects book! It has been two years in the making and I am super excited about its release. In 320+ pages we will implement 12 different projects. I wish I had access to a similar book when I started learning Python.

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Using BaoFeng UV-5X3 HT as Police Scanner

Have you seen movies where people use a radio to track police? Maybe you have seen the movie Stranger Things and saw the main characters using a radio and an antenna for communication. In this tutorial, I show you how to use a similar portable Baofeng handheld transceiver to track the local police/fire department. It is a lot of fun!

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Working With Messy Data Using Pandas in Python

Have you ever had to process some messy data? I recently worked on a project where I had to tame some messy data using Pandas in Python. In this short tutorial, I will teach you some data wrangling basics that will help you process most datasets you will ever encounter in the wild.

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5 Lessons From my Microsoft Internship

My Microsoft internship ended on 31st August. I had a wonderful time there and learned a lot of useful tips/lessons. In this article, I share 5 lessons that helped me the most. If you want to improve your internship/job experience make sure you read this.

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Interview With Justin Duke

I sat down with Justin Duke, an engineer at Stripe, and talked about tech, startups and time management. Justin runs two startups and manages two weekly newsletters (along with a plethora of other things). Come learn about how he does it all!

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Understanding and Decoding a JPEG Image using Python

We all use JPEG images every day and almost every software supports JPEG but most of us don't know how the JPEG compression algorithm works under-the-hood. Come with me on an adventure where we uncover and understand the JPEG algorithm and then write some Python code to decode a JPEG image.

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