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Reverse Engineering Nike Run Club Android App Using Frida

After using apktool for reverse-engineering android apps I learned about Frida. Ever wondered how you can use Frida to snoop around Android apps? Learn how to do that in this step-by-step tutorial where we take a look at the Nike Run Club app.

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Let's Reverse Engineer an Android App!

I had always wondered how Android apps are reverse engineered. If you have ever wondered the same then this article will guide you through the whole process. We will be unpacking, modifying, repacking, and installing an Android APK.

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9 Tips For Better Scripting Experience

Learn about some general scripting tips that will help you level up your scripting game. I learned them the hard-way but you don't have to.

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Why I Moved Away From

I recently moved from Wordpress to Hugo. I talk about the rationale for doing so and what benefits (if any) I have observed after this migration.

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Migrating from to Hugo With Comments

If you are thinking about migrating from WordPress to Hugo (or any other static site generator) you can learn from my experience. I talk about the steps I took. You will be able to preserve the comments and SEO.

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Docker attach vs exec & When to Use What

I have been working quite a lot with Docker for my current project. If attach & exec have been giving you some trouble then this post will teach you the difference b/w both. You will also learn about when to use what.

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Account Hacked, Send $2000 in Bitcoin

A friend recently received an email from a Hacker demanding $2000 in Bitcoin. In this article you will learn how the hackers get the emails and passwords of unsuspecting users and whether you should actually send them $2000 or not.

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