Python Quick Reference v2.7

Hi there everyone. We all have experienced that time when we say “what was that function called?”, “was it called get_attr() or post_attr()?” Recently I came across a wonderful Python Quick Reference for version 2.7. It contains some useful information. I hope you will find it very useful just like me.

So here is the link. Go forward and get it. You will not regret it. Do tell me in the comments that whether you like it or not or do you want something to be added to it. I would really love to hear your response. Let me make it clear as well that I am not the author of this great reference guide.

Source: Python Quick Ref



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I like this Quick-Ref very much and use it for years, but I also look for a version for Python3, but it seems there isn’t one.

Marco Falcioni

Do you have a version formatted for US Letter paper?

In reply to Marco Falcioni

In the “source” link there are many version, and also a letter one :-)

In reply to Marco Falcioni

Under source link I mentioned you can find a letter version:


Wow! It is very useful.

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