Python News 13 Oct 2013

Hi folks in this post i am going to share with you news from the python world. This is like a roundup of monthly news.

Latest News

The UK government’s quest to get public services to use more open source technologies seems to be taking hold, judging by the revamp of the NHS’s very large Spine service.

Microsoft donates $100,000 to the IPython team for the continued development of IPython.

Jet Brains recently surprised the Python community by launching a community version of it’s extremely popular Python IDE. It’s a must have for a Python programmer.

MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL Database. The PyMongo distribution contains tools for interacting with MongoDB database from Python.

Python Conferences

The keynote speakers for the largest Python Conference have been announced. This year the keynote speakers include Van Lindberg, Jessica McKellar, Fernando Perez, Guido Van Rossum and John Perry Barlow.

If you are in the Tennessee area and know python then make sure that you do not miss this great chance to attend the PyTennnesse. Submit your papers now. The deadline is 1st November.


Ever thought of hacking secure python shells ? I hope not but this guy definitely thought about that and even accomplished. Hop over to his website to read about his discovery. It is definitely worth a read.

A really cool project. This one involves the use of a mixed up Rubik’s Cube. Just bring the mixed layout of a Rubik’s Cube in front of your webcam and let this nifty application do it’s trick.

This Blogpost clearly shows the power of Vincent. Do check it out if you are into data mining and data representation. This Blogpost will surely help you.

Random Forests have emerged as a very popular learning algorithm for tackling complex prediction problems. These guys have released GPU Random Forest library for Python called CudaTree. Check this out if you want to learn more.

There are not a lot of post out there which explain clearly how to hack an Arduino using Python and turning it into a useful creature. This post is for Hardware Hackers who are a bit familiar with Python.

This post starts from scratch and takes you step by step into the world of different Python implementations. Read it if you have time.

A perceptron classifier is a simple model of a neuron. In this post the author programs a Perceptron in Python.

This article shows how easy it is to read or write video frames with Python, by calling the external software FFMPEG through pipes. Worth the read if you are interested in video manipulation.

Interesting Projects

Port of YUI CSS Compressor to Python

Captcha Intruder is an automatic pentesting tool to bypass captchas.

Better dates & times for Python, now with ISO-8601 parsing and week support!

Survival analysis in Python.

With this algorithm you can use multiple tor threads to make multiple requests with multiple IP addresses.

This guy is super nice and always contribute useful libraries. This one is no less. Check this out if you are working with websockets.

Really a wonderful project. Whoosh is a fast, pure Python search engine library. Whoosh is not really a search engine, it’s a programmer library for creating a search engine

Simple real-time messaging in web applications.The main goal of Centrifuge is the same as of Pusher or Pubnub services. The main difference is that Centrifuge is open-source and requires installation.

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Mike Croucher

Very nice selection. I look forward to future editions.

Roy Moss

Hi. When new post from Python News series?;)

In reply to Roy Moss

Hi Roy welcome. I am glad that you liked this post. I will do a post like this in near future. Do follow my blog so that you get the update :)


Chrome complained that the CIntruder website could not prove itself correctly. Does anyone know whether the site is actually insecure or if Chrome is just being cautious?

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