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Hi there fellas. Today i am going to ask you for a favour. I am going to write an ebook about python. I want you to give me some ideas about what i should write. This Ebook is going to be short. It will be between 10 to 20 pages because it’s my first ebook.

Currently i have two topics in mind. The first one is to write an introductory ebook about how to get started with python. This will be for beginners and will include the installation and setting up of python as well as some introductory tutorials.

The other topic is to write about how i made the soundcloud searcher and downloader. All the backend programming of soundcloud searcher and downloader is done in python. This ebook will contain all the methods and resources I used to make this soundcloud searcher and downloader as well as how I got it working on google app engine.

In my opinion the second topic will be more useful for you guys as most of us are looking for these type of ebooks.

What do you say? If you want me to write about any other topic then do tell me in the comments below and I will see.



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I think the second topic would be really good as I feel there are many introductory Python books available but few books discuss about the development process of a piece of code into a final product and I think such an experience would really be helpful.

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Thanx for you reply. Let me get some more comments and i will start writing.

ansh bansal

The 2nd one would be useful because it will have less competition.

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Thank for your reply :)


Idem. Walk us through your development process. It’s always interesting to understand how other coders code, what were their intentions and what was their final results.

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Hmmm thanks for your response. I will write the ebook whenever i get some free time


Yep I somewhat agree. TBH I think something which actually really sets out things like initial installation and importing of libraries and stuff will help alot. Either I’m pretty computer illiterate or I’m missing something but I’m seriously struggling to set-up and run python and things like Scrapy on my machine.


“how to create the soundcloud searcher and downloader” is good topic :)

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Hi there. Thanks for replying. I have decided on writing on the same topic however it will take some time before the ebook comes out :) .

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