Coding styles for python

Yet another useful post and this one is about coding styles in python. Everyone has his own coding style in python. Here i am going to post some links that will help you to choose your own coding style in python.

  1. The first link is undoubtedly from the official python documentation as python documentation has everything to get you started. This link will teach you how to use python and how not to use python.

  2. The second link is from the famous PEP-8 which is python’s official style guide. It determines the python’s official coding standards. You should definitely take a look at them and try to incorporate them in your code.

  3. The third link is from google because as you know google is a huge user of python and most of their infrastructure is based on python as is their online support forum. So it’s not surprising that google has it’s own style guide for python.

  4. So the last link is from khanacademy. As you know it’s the biggest online academy and whole of their online infrastructure is based on python. I really love their python style guide.

I hope you liked this post. Do share your views in the comments below.



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