Intermediate Python conquers the World! (Almost)

Hi there folks! I hope you are all fine. It’s been almost a year since I published Intermediate Python. It was my life goal to publish a book which really helps people. Today I saw the stats of the book after a long time. I was pretty ecstatic to know that the English version (It is also available in Chinese and Russian) of the book has been read in 181 countries. Just 15 countries short of the whole world.

It is also being used in various institutes as training material for the programmers. If you have ever read this book and can spare two minutes of your valuable time then I would love to hear your feedback. The length of the feedback can range from one word to a whole page. You can submit your feedback in the comments below or direct it to my email.

Getting to know that my work really helps people motivates me to work harder and do more awesome stuff.

I hope to hear soon from you guys! Stay happy and stay blessed 🙂

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If i get some time, i will read tonight :)

In reply to B3mB4m

You’ll never read it if you need to find some time.


I’m still working on my project and MMS.Trust me i’ll read :)

Kristian Andresen

The data visualisation could be a bit better here. Some of the light bue shades, you can’t tell if it represents 1 or 1000.

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