If you could change something in Python what would it be?

Hi there guys. Recently I posted a question on Reddit. The question was that if you could change something in Python what would it be? I got some really interesting answers from other programmers. Here are some of the top answers till now.

  1. Make building a stand alone executable part of the spec. The two main projects that do it are hacks
  2. the namespaces in the datetime module. its really annoying to have to remember if I used

    import datetime 
    # vs.
    from datetime import datetime
  3. optional static typing. as in i would add the ability to statically type things in python, but not make it mandatory.

  4. “slef” should be a universal alias for self

  5. Get rid of the GIL

  6. A good, consistent, Pythonic, cross-platform, batteries-included graphic library. Tkinter is the closest, but the execution loop makes it challenging to do advanced stuff, and the adherence to Tk makes it challenging for a beginner to do basic stuff.I appreciate it’s not easy to design and write such a thing, but I can still wish.

  7. Compile to native codeCombine 2 and 3 into one version moving forward

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I would be add a maven-like extension to python


Visual Python



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