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Hi there guys. I am back again with yet another useful post. This one is going to be about free Python books. Most new Python programmers don’t realise that there are great Python books out there for free and due to their lack of knowledge they pay for expensive ones. Most of these books have the same high quality material which you would expect from a paid book. So without wasting any time let me list them here.

Book list:

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wow - great list!! Thanks for sharing.

Duncan Gray

What a great list, thanks.

Dilkash rahi

Are the above mentioned books are without cost? or having some hidden charges ? The shipping or postal cost is also payable or not.

In reply to Dilkash rahi

They are totally free. They are ebooks.

Teach Me Python (@teachmepython)


Any chance you could add to the list?

I’d really appreciate it!

(Just launched the site yesterday)

Rafael Bezerra

Thank you, for the list!!!

Hilarme V.Cabibil

I really appreciate all your post. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!

Abdelbasset Oueryemchi

Thank You for all your posts, This is a relly helpful blog, Keep it up :)

In reply to Abdelbasset Oueryemchi

Thank you :)

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Аwesomе аrticle.


That’s really helpful! Thanks!

Người Đến Từ Bình Dương


Have a look at … it contains listing of 53 free books.

Robin White

Please take a look at those free material on this website It will be helpful when you are stuck on practicing code Python while you are studying or reading those books.

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