Top 14 MOST famous Python libraries & frameworks

Hi everyone! I recently decided to step into YouTube video making. This is my first video about 14 of my most favourite and most famous Python libraries and frameworks. Please take a look and if you have ANY suggestions as to how I can improve the quality of the videos in the future please let me know in the comments below.  

Libraries covered:

  1. requests
  2. tqdm
  3. pillow
  4. scrapy
  5. numpy
  6. pandas
  7. scapy
  8. matplotlib
  9. kivy
  10. nltk
  11. keras
  12. SQLAlchemy
  13. Django
  14. Twisted

Extra libraries:

  1. flask
  2. scipy
  3. pytorch
  4. DjangoCMS
  5. click
  6. astropy
  7. scikit-learn
  8. opencv
  9. PyQt
  10. tensorflow
  11. wagtail

Till next time, take care!



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Your blog is awesome, thanks for the details and stories that make learning Python easier for a beginner like me.

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