PyDev 3.0 Released

Hi there folks. Its been a long time since I posted here. That was because my studies were giving me some problems. So no worrys because the problems are all resolved and I am back with yet another news. So what is PyDev ? If you have been coding python scripts with eclipse (it’s an IDE) then the chances are that you know what PyDev is

. So for those who are not familiar with pydev read on. PyDev is a third-party plug-in for Eclipse. It is an Integrated Development Environment used for programming in Python supporting code refactoring, graphical debugging, code analysis and many other features. Recently it’s 3.0 version was released after a long break. Some believed that the development for PyDev had stopped but this release has given hope to eclipse lovers. According to the official pydev website PyDev comes with many goodies such as:

  • Django integration
  • Code completion
  • Code completion with auto import
  • Type hinting
  • Code analysis
  • Go to definition
  • Refactoring
  • Debugger
  • Remote debugger
  • Tokens browser
  • Interactive console
  • Unittest integration
  • Code coverage
  • and many others:

I believe it is worth to check out this project. The link to the official website is and here is the link to this release announcement . Do share your views in the comments below and stay tuned for the next post. If you know someone who can benefit from my post then do make sure that you tell them about this blog.



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