Using Python to Post Stories on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to post stories on Instagram in an automated fashion? In this article, I will show you how to use Python and the Instagram-API-python library to do exactly that. Fasten your seatbelts and let's get started!

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Understanding and Decoding a JPEG Image using Python

We all use JPEG images every day and almost every software supports JPEG but most of us don't know how the JPEG compression algorithm works under-the-hood. Come with me on an adventure where we uncover and understand the JPEG algorithm and then write some Python code to decode a JPEG image.

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Reverse Engineering Nike Run Club Android App Using Frida

After using apktool for reverse-engineering android apps I learned about Frida. Ever wondered how you can use Frida to snoop around Android apps? Learn how to do that in this step-by-step tutorial where we take a look at the Nike Run Club app.

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Let's Reverse Engineer an Android App!

I had always wondered how Android apps are reverse engineered. If you have ever wondered the same then this article will guide you through the whole process. We will be unpacking, modifying, repacking, and installing an Android APK.

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9 Tips For Better Scripting Experience

Learn about some general scripting tips that will help you level up your scripting game. I learned them the hard-way but you don't have to.

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Software Engineering Within SpaceX

Have you ever been curious about how Software engineering within SpaceX works? I did some research and compiled my notes in this article. There are also some insightful comments from the readers at the bottom.

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Setting Up Passwordless SSH and Alias For Remote Login

Whenever I set up a new server I make sure I set up passwordless SSH login. It makes it easy to get into a box without typing in the password every single time. Learn about how you can do something similar for your servers.

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Running Staticman on Hugo Blog With Nested Comments

No blog is complete without comments. There are a lot of options out there which allow you to add comments to your static blog. In this article, I talk about how to setup Staticman for your Hugo blog. Process is similar for other static site generators.

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Golang: Check if a key exists in map

I have been working with Golang quite a lot. This is my first time working with it professionally. I share some methods for checking key existance in maps in Golang.

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Extracting Data from Nike Run Club & Visualizing It

I have been using Nike Run Club for years. I liked using it but was super unhappy with the fact that I wasn't officially allowed to export my data. I went ahead and reversed their API. Learn about how you too can extract your data from NRC.

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Creating Offline Custom Style Maps With tileserver-gl

Tileserver-gl is an amazing project that allows you to make custom styles for maps. Learn about how to make beautiful styled map posters using tileserver-gl. The best part? It is completely open source!

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