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Hi everyone! I have been thinking about starting a blog on my personal website for quite a while now. Previously I just blogged on Python Tips. Even stuff which did not relate with Python found its way to Python Tips. I think some distinction is important. I always had to do some mental struggle to justify posting some non-python content on Python Tips.

Having this blog will surely mean that I will give even less time to Python Tips but it also means that I will be able to write more. It is a net gain for me personally. I have already given up on so many article ideas just because they did not align with the theme of Python Tips. Hopefully, now I won’t have to do that.

On this blog I will be sharing stuff related to life and general musings. I will occasionally also write about programming but programming won’t be the only thing here. You will get to know me much better as a person.

# :)
def new_blog():
    raise Awesomeness

This blog is powered by Netlify and Hugo. I am a strong believer in the idea that one should not be married to the tools and should use the tool which is best for the job. Hence, even though I love Python and would have loved to use Pelican, Hugo is faster and Netlify is better than GitHub pages. Also, did I mention that Netlify does auto-deployments when I push code to GitHub?

Please bear with me as I setup the blog. There are still some rough edges which I am trying to iron out. I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog as I give my website a new life ❤️



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