Looking for an internship for Summer 2020

Update: Thank you so much! I got an amazing opportunity with Azure Cloud Networking team at Microsoft 🙂

Hi lovely people! 👋 Hope everything is going well on your end. I asked you guys last year for helping me find a kick-ass internship and you all came through. I ended up working at ASAPP over the summer and had an awesome time. I wrote an article about what I learned during my internship.

I am putting out the same request for next summer as well. If you have benefited from any of my articles and work at an amazing company and feel like I would be a good addition to your team, please reach out. I am looking for a 12-14 week internship from around mid-May to mid-August in 2020. I strongly prefer small teams where I can bond with the people I am working with. I am open to most places but bonus points if you work at a hardware based tech company or a fintech startup. However, this is not a hard requirement.

If you are working at an innovative company in some major European country and can sponsor Visa, I would be really interested in that as well!

I have done a lot of backend development in Python and GoLang. I am fairly comfortable with dabbling in the front-end code as well. I have also tinkered with open source hardware (Arduino & Raspberry Pi) and wrote a couple of articles about what I did and how I did it. You can take a look at my resume (PDF) to get a better understanding of my expertise. You can also read about how I got into programming through this article.

tldr: I love working with exciting stuff even if it means I have to learn something completely new!

I hope you guys would come through this time as well. Have a fantastic day and keep smiling. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please comment below or send me an email at yasoob.khld at

See ya! ♥️



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