Art Projects

I spend considerable time doing arts and creative projects. I used to do it as a hobby but now I am taking drawing and digital studio classes at Colgate University. We have been making a lot of interesting projects and have been trying to push the limits of creativity. Here are some of the projects I have done so far:

👉 Processing/Digital Sketches

I recently started exploring the world of generative art and this is the result of that. I used processing/p5js to make these. I hope you like them. I might write some articles in the future about how I made some of these. In the meantime you should definitely check out Daniel Shiffman’s videos. He publishes on “The Coding Train” channel on YouTube.

👉 Metadata based website

Peronal Data Website

The idea behind this project was to show that metadata alone can tell us a lot about any person. I have used my real meta-data in this project. As part of this project students were given metadata (without owner’s name) of different people in class and were asked to make guesses about the data owner’s daily life and who they interact with and also make a guess as to who they are. Most of the people were able to make a pretty accurate guess.

👉 Living space drawing

Room drawing

This was a part of my drawing class. We were supposed to draw a scene which was personal. I decided to draw a scene from my dorm room. I cleaned up the table and arranged the scene in a way to give the feel of an old-school jail room. I used an ebony pencil and a 30x40 (inch) illustration board to do this drawing. The total drawing time was almost 20+ hours.

👉 Subverting a Website

News website

For this project I decided to subvert the Washington Post and showcase how there is a very thin line between real and fake news and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two. Open the website and try it out for yourself. There is an autoplay audio. Firefox does not autoplay it so use Chrome to get the full experience.

👉 First Graffiti/Spray painting Project


This project was done soon after the shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand in early 2019. The theme of this project was to promote religious harmony. I used English, Arabic and Urdu to write the same message on the placards. People feel uneasy when they see something new or unfamiliar. That is exactly what I am trying to get at here. This was my first attempt at doing any sort of organized wall spray painting and I am proud of how it turned out. I laser cut cardboard stencils for this project.

I will update this page with new arts projects soon. 👍