Free Python GUI development course

Hi there folks! 👋 I have a good news for you. I have got two coupons for a video course on Udemy. The name of the course is “Learn Python GUI programming using Qt framework” and costs $79. It is taught by Bogdan Milanovich. I have taken this course previously when I was just getting started with GUI development in Python. At the time when I took this course it was incomplete but now it appears as if the instructor has completed the course.

The contents of the course can be checked from here.

The coupons are valid for only 100 people in total. I don’t want to waste them and want to give them only to those who are really interested in this course. The course costs $79 in total but with the coupon I have, you can get it for free.

There are a couple of ways you can ask me for the coupon. The first one is to email me. Secondly, you can send me a message through my Facebook page and lastly you can comment on this post and I would get back to you.

Till next time! Goodbye! 🙂



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Paul Karateev

Sounds interesting, Yasoob! Would appreciate one. I work as a Django dev (hospital software) and want to extend my knowledge of GUI development.

In reply to Paul Karateev

Just sent it to you in an email at theglamorous. :)


I want it too my email is Thanks in advance

In reply to tarek

Just sent it over!

Agam Verma

Amazing Yasoob. I have worked over Qt with C++. Would love to have hands on for my next project completely in Python with Qt. Thanks in advance. :)


Amazing Yasoob! I had worked over Qt with C++. Would love to use it with python for my next project. Need one. Thanks in Advance. :)

In reply to agamorenda

I just sent it over! Check your inbox :)


Course seems to be very good.. I would like to have a coupon.


In reply to prachi

I just sent it over! Kindly check your inbox :)


I always appreciate your work.your intermediate python was of a great help.I would appreciate a chance.

In reply to Ahmed

I just sent it over! Check your inbox :)

Trevor Convirs

Hello, If you have any coupons left I would be very interested in this course, thank you.

In reply to Trevor Convirs

Sent you an email :)


Thanks!! I Want it! Check your mail ;)

In reply to Matias

Sent you an email :)


Course looks great! I would really appreciate a coupon. Thanks in advance!

In reply to Krolm

Sent you an email :)

Glenn Tracy

HI Yasoob: I’ve been enjoying your blog. I have a need for GUI developement coming up. I would therefore really like a coupon for it as well.

Best regards. Glenn

In reply to Glenn Tracy

Sent you an email :)


Hi Yasoob, I would really appreciate the opportunity. I am working on a PyQt Gui right now! Many thanks, Dave

In reply to dave

Sent you an email :)


I would like to have a coupon, too. Qt seems more interesting than Tkinter.

In reply to furas

Sent you an email :)


Hey, I’d like one too. I could finally learn to program graphical apps too.

In reply to Greg

Sent you an email :)

Michał Czuba

Sounds great! I would like to get one coupon if it’s possible, here’s my email:

Thank you :)

In reply to Michał Czuba

Sent you an email :)


Great appreciator of your work! I will definitively appreciate to have one coupon. Thx

In reply to Gilbert

Sent you an email :)

amarjeet sav

i love your work….it will help me so much…pls i must want too.. my email is Thanks in advance..thank u very much

In reply to amarjeet sav

Sent you an email :)

Santos Solorzano

Really appreciate your posts ! Keep up the good work and I too would like to check out the Udemy course (:

In reply to Santos Solorzano

Sent you an email :)


Hi! I like your site and this course looks really interesting. May I ask you for coupon, please? My emails is edavex at

In reply to Przemek

Sent you an email :)


Hi, can I get one too?

In reply to Kya

Sent you an email :)


Hi, Yasoob! I would like to have a coupon. Qt and Python very interesting for me. Thanks!

In reply to fogersp

Sent you an email :)

Chris Arndt

Hi Yasoob, I just another course on udemy about PyQt and I really would like to compare this one to it. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a coupon.

Cheers, Chris

In reply to Chris Arndt

Sent you an email :)


Hi, I am migrating from PHP to Python and this course will be a great stepping stone. Thanks.

In reply to Kashif

Sent you an email :)


I just passed my summer vacations learning Python. I would appreciate one, too :-)

In reply to teromakotero

Sent you an email :)


Hi Yasoob, I would really appreciate it if I could get one coupon. Always wanted to learn about graphical development. Thanks!


Love to get one too! :)

Cái Giếng Làng

Thank you for shareing, I send you a email. thanks.


Wow great! I just learned Python and want to know more about the GUI. Thanks in advance.


Hello, Yasoob. Thank you so much firstly for doing this, you’re lighting 100 more candles by your flame. I am a 5th year undergrad from India who wants to fill around 15 of his python scripts with some sort of GUI so they become more user-friendly. I was going through different sources for learning GUI with python, and after going through the course structure realized that this course would be like a jackpot. Let me know if I can receive a coupon as well. Thank you.


Hi Yasoob, I would like to learn some GUI development with PyQt if you still have a coupon available. Thanks in advance.

Great Blog!

Will Rogers

I’d be very interested in this course. I work at a scientific facility (a synchrotron) and although I’ve used Python a lot I haven’t really used Qt.

Mark Siegrist

I would love one if any are left! I have never done any Python GUI development - only command line and a little bit of flask/django.


Holy Toledo, python course? I would love one, as I need to learn more python for the internship abroad I’m applying. Sadly, I’m probably late, but having just found your book on intermediate python it’s already a god sent.


I just started my learning of python this summer. I’d like to further my study with it. 😐thanks!

Mike Fox

Hi, do you still have any coupons? I would like one please.

Pardeep Chaudhary

I am learning python and concentrating on GUI programming.Please give a coupon if possible.


A coupon! A coupon! My Kingdom for a coupon!


Just started a new Qt project. Do you have any coupons left?

Arjun Mayilvaganan

Hello Yasoob, I’m required to do a GUI project this year for my University Paper. As always, I’ve planned to do it on Python. I Would appreciate a coupon. Thank you.


Hi Yasoob, I’d like a coupon also if you have any left.

Thank-you, Dale


Really thanks for your coupon. Can u send an email to me?(Chinese, sorry for my poor english)

Ryan Backman

Sounds interesting, Do you have any more coupons?


If there are still free coupons, I’d appreciate receiving one. please to

In reply to Alex

you can try yasoob.github.io2 as the coupon code but I am not sure whether it is still valid or not :)


me too ! =D

anirudh bandi

thanks a lot it’s still working


have any code, really apprciate it, Thanks. :)

Stasys Donėla

It is posible one for me =) Thanks from Klaipėda!

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