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Hi there friends. If you are a python programmer then there is not a single chance that you don’t know Guido. Everyone knows him in the python community. However for those who don’t know about him let me introduce him to you. He is the creator of python and is known as BDFL. Now a days he works at dropbox and previously he used to work at google. In this post I am going to share some of his recent posts with you. They are very informative and I suggest that you take a look at them.

In this post Guido tells us about None, True and False and how they became what they are right now in python.

Ah so if you are a new programmer then you might have thought why python as a lot of other languages uses 0-based indexing. There is a reason for everything and so in this post Guido tells us the reason for why python uses 0-based indexing.

The name is self explanatory. This presentation is really useful and you should definately go through it.

In this presentation guido tells about Tulip, Asynchronous I/O for python 3. If you ever wanted to contribute to a core python library but did not know what to contribute then do take a look at this as this might be a good chance for you.

So now let me say goodbye to you. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will see you guys later. Don’t forget to follow me on twitterΒ and follow this blog as well. And finally stay tuned for the next post as it will be great.



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