Made by Yasoob for FOSSASIA 2015

Player 1

Player 2



  • read:Setup and Object of Checkers
  • read:Movement
  • read:Jumping
  • read:You Must Jump if Possible
  • read:Crowning
  • read:Starting a Game of Checkers on
  • read:Moving Checkers on the Board
  • read:When a Piece Will Not Move
  • read:How do I offer a draw?
  • read:House rule: 50 moves without a capture (or kinging) is a draw
  • read:House rule: EXACT board position occuring 3 times in the game is a draw
  • read:Pro Checkers (KP)
  • read:Pro Checkers (KP): Choosing the Opening
  • read:Anti-Checkers (KA)
  • read:Crowded Checkers (KC)
  • read:Sparse Checkers (KS)
  • read:Mule Checkers (KM)
  • read:Checkers Links
  • read:How can I get better at checkers?
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